Gabriel Vadasz Explains How Accused Al-Qaeda Leader Legally Lived in AZ

In February 2020, Attorney Gabriel Vadasz was featured in a FOX 10 Phoenix article titled, Immigration attorney explains why accused Al-Qaeda leader possibly lived in Arizona legally, detailing the legal steps necessary to become a refugee in the United States.

Attorney Vadasz told the news station that getting approved for refugee status takes years. Applicants must also show proof they’re being persecuted.

In 2006, an Al-Qaeda hit squad, led by Ali Ahmed, killed two officers in Fallujah back in 2006. During the alleged incident, Ahmed was shot in the side of the face.

Approximately 14 years later, he was arrested for those two murders. Ahmed was working as an A-Plus Driving School instructor in Arizona before he was apprehended by authorities.

Attorney Vadasz said that Ahmed’s wound was beneficial for his refugee claim, which consists of an hours-long interview to prove persecution.

He explained to FOX 10:

“The reality is, you have to show a substantial amount of evidence just to pass most of those interviews and get to the point you're submitting the application. If someone's been shot, the bullet wounds speak for themselves.”

Ahmed allegedly told a representative from Refugees and Immigrants Community for Empowerment (RICE) that he was a victim of Al-Qaeda, rather than a member. He even said that he “hated” extremism. After claiming to be a victim – with his bullet wounds to show for it – Ahmed was granted refugee status in the U.S. for more than a decade.

Check out the video of the news report:

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