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Immigration Lawyers for Nurses in Avondale, AZ

immigration for nurses

Are you a nurse with aspirations of pursuing a fulfilling career in the United States? At Diamondback Legal our team of expert Immigration Lawyers for Nurses in Avondale specialize in helping nurses find the right visa for you.

One of the most popular programs for nurses in Avondale is the EB3 visa. If you have a degree then the prestigious H1-B visa can open up the doors for you to remarkable opportunities and a lot quicker. Lastly lets not forget about our colleagues from Canada or Mexico – we also have options for you.

However, before you apply for a visa it’s crucial to understand the specific requirements for each program and this is where the attorneys at Diamondback Legal can help.

We will advocate for you tirelessly to ensure that we open doors for your American Nursing career. Contact us today and let us help you turn your American dream into reality!

People also ask

What are the prerequisites for joining the Nurse Recruitment Program in Avondale?

Apart from possessing a nursing degree, certain fundamental requirements need to be met. A prospective candidate must hold a minimum of one year's experience working at the bedside as a nurse. Furthermore, successful completion of the NCLEX-RN examination is also mandatory.

Who is the intended audience for this program in Avondale?

This initiative is primarily crafted to cater to international nursing students. Additionally, given the availability of TN visas, nurses from Mexico or Canada also constitute a significant target group.

What sorts of visas can nurses obtain through the Nurse Recruitment Program in Avondale?

This program offers three main visa categories for nurses. The most common choice, the EB3 visa, typically involves a lengthier processing period compared to the other two options. The TN visa, though faster, exclusively applies to nurses from Canada or Mexico. Lastly, nurses possessing an advanced degree could potentially qualify for an H1-B visa.

Is it necessary for candidates participating in Avondale's program to handle their immigration-related costs?

Candidates enrolled in this program are not obligated to bear the expenses associated with immigration. All costs, from the application fees to the charges involved in the visa application process, are covered.

What method is used to ascertain the compensation for individuals selected for the program in Avondale?

Compensation for selected nurses in this program aligns with the prevailing wage standards. For most individuals, this translates to an hourly rate ranging between $30 and $50. Aside from this, alternative forms of compensation are also available, such as reimbursement for NCLEX expenses or immigration-related costs.

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