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Work Visas for Nurses

Are you a nurse seeking a work visa? Reach out to Diamondback Legal to learn how we can help.

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Getting Your Work Visa Is Easy

Step 1

Get Qualified

Before you can obtain a work visa in the United States, you will need to meet certain qualifications. Each visa program has its own rules and regulations to follow. Additionally, prospective employers will require at least a year of bedside experience as a passing grade on the NCLEX-RN.

Step 2

Meet Your Staffing Agent

Once you qualify, it is time to meet your staffing agent. Your staffing agent can assist you throughout the process, including with the completion of your paperwork.

Step 3

Prepare Your Paperwork

Once you have been approved and interviewed with your staffing agent, the next step is to prepare your paperwork. No matter which visa you apply for, the paperwork involved in the process is significant. We can help you not only with these forms but also the supporting documentation that comes with them.


Types of Visas
For Nurses


Many nurses pursue their work permits through the EB3 program. This type of visa is designed for nurses that have experience but lack advanced degrees.


The H1B program is more limited than the EB3 program. These visas are typically reserved for nurses that hold advanced degrees.


The third option for nurses seeking work visas has limited availability depending on where you are from. This visa is only available to nurses from Canada or Mexico.

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Next Steps

Determine Your Eligibility For a Work Visa

Are you a nurse with aspirations of working in the United States? Don't miss this opportunity to find out if you qualify for a Work Visa. Our simple and confidential form will help you assess your eligibility based on key criteria. Simply fill out the form and you'll gain valuable insights into your chances of obtaining a Work Visa, bringing you one step closer to realizing your American nursing dream.

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