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Immigration Options for Family Members of U.S. Citizens & Lawful Permanent Residents

At Diamondback Legal, our team focuses on a wide array of immigration matters, one of the most important of which involves keeping families together. Doing so can be achieved through various means in the immigration process. As a general matter, if you or a family member of direct lineage is a permanent resident or United States Citizen, you can petition your direct relative. Bear in mind, this does not include sisters and brothers; it only applies to parents, children, and fiancés/married couples.

How the Family Immigration Petition Process Works

The process is deceptively intricate, which is why we always recommend that you hire an attorney to at least guide you through it, as the smallest mistake could have a detrimental impact on your case.

The simplified rendition of the petition process is as follows:

  • The United States Citizen or Permanent Resident (petitioner) will petition the foreign national.
  • At the same time the petition is filed, the foreign national (beneficiary) will file a response to that petition.
  • Approximately six months later, you’ll hear back from biometrics with instructions on how to proceed. Largely, this is a medical checkup ensuring the individual(s) are up to date on required vaccinations and other medical profiles required under our immigration statutes.
  • About three to six months after that, you’ll receive another letter from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) providing you with a time and place for an interview. If the beneficiary is out of the country or here unlawfully, it is common practice for the interview to be held at the consulate of their country of origin. Depending on the type of petition, the climate of the interview can vary. Officers may find multiple legal issues with your claim or they may find none. This is yet another reason why having an attorney in this process can help, both in setting the appropriate expectations and to hopefully mitigate any issues with your case prior to its filing.
  • Lastly, anywhere from a month to six months later, you’ll hear back on the results of your interview.
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services may submit a Request for Further Evidence(RFE) or a Notice Of Intent To Deny (NOID) letter at any point in this process. Both of these require the immediate attention of legal counsel as they have very pressing deadlines and detrimental impacts if not responded to in time.

Spousal Petitions in Arizona

If you have recently been married and interested in obtaining a green card or legal permanent residency, you can rely on Diamondback Legal to help you get your petitions approved and the best possible outcome in your case. Whether you and your spouse got married in or outside the United States, we understand all the legal steps necessary to obtain permanent legal residency.

In addition, we also handle spousal petitions for people that no in the United States or adjustments of status for spouses in the country. Our legal team can listen to your story, evaluate your case, and determine your available legal options to get the results you desire. Do not let legal obstacles get in the way of a green card or citizenship.

Legal Help from Qualified Immigration Lawyers

Our team at Diamondback Legal handles a large number of family-based petitions and is well versed in what the USCIS is looking for. As such, we pride ourselves in helping you put your best foot forward when putting your case together. We have handled numerous NOIDs and RFEs and realize the importance of these matters. As such, we do not take any of this process lightly, nor do we take for granted the pleasure of having clients entrust us with such matters on a daily basis.

As we mentioned above, we’re in the business of keeping families together and reuniting those that have been separated. To help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, here’s what you can expect as a client of Diamondback Legal:

  • A free initial consultation to discuss your options
  • Around-the-clock access to an attorney, including late nights and weekends
  • Frequent communication and updates from your attorney so you’re always in the loop
  • Flexible payment plans that make legal representation affordable for those who need it

We want to do more than just present the best legal case for you; we also want to help alleviate any anxieties associated with the petition process—and we know there can be a lot when your family structure is on the line.

Our hope is to one day reshape the legal community into one where all attorneys behave in such a manner. However, until that happens we will continue to strive to set the bar high for what “standard representation” entails. Let us fight for you and your family.

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