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Experienced Probate Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona

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Probate law or probate attorneys are who handled the process of administering an estate once a person passes away. This is different from an estate planning attorney. These attorneys work with clients who are still living on how their estates should be handled and administered from here on out.

These attorneys work to help clients prepare trusts, wills, and other documents that provide further instruction after they’ve passed away. These attorneys are ideal to have when you want to administer property, money, or other items of notable amounts.

Probate is Important for Many Estates

Without the use of probate or those attorneys that go through the process, many assets would be lost. They would not go to the appropriate people or places. This is a professional who is able to sort through the paperwork and do the transfer from the previous owner to the new owner. They are also able to facilitate any of the necessary legal procedures that help to transfer ownership of any of the property of the beneficiary.

Probate is important, so it is something that you may have to think about at some point. Whether you are considering your will when you pass, or if you are dealing with the passing of a loved one; then probate might be necessary.

Why Would You Need Help from a Probate Attorney?

Probate lawyers can help you determine if you need their help or not. They are able to speak with you about the situation and provide feedback based on that. Having a grant of probate allows the executor of the estate to deal with the assets that come with it.

This attorney is there to go over the specific rules and regulations for the assets and the probate. They can switch the owners of the assets when the original owner has passed, and their executor is named the owner.

Does Everyone Need to Go Through Probate?

When someone dies, they do not have to go through probate. Many estates do not have to go through this process at all. If the property was jointly owned, then the money or property would be passed to the spouse or other person instead of needing probate to decide who obtains this specific property.

This is done on a case-by-case basis, so make sure to look into the different options you have to choose from when it comes to the property and money that is being passed down.

Probate Should Be Done Through a Professional

Probate should always be done through a professional attorney. This attorney should specialize and have a background in probate. This will reduce the likelihood of having to spend a lot of time and money to have someone file the papers and go through the process. A professional is someone who can efficiently streamline the process of probate for you. This is especially important for those who are dealing with probate.

Probate is necessary in many cases, so keep this in mind when someone you know passes away and you’re in their will. There are many different pieces of this that have to go together to get the best outcome and the attorney who specializes in probate is able to do this for you. Don’t worry about having to file or fill out the paperwork for probate on your own.

Some people wonder if probate is good or bad. Probate is neither, it is neutral. It is something that can be helpful when it comes to probate over your estate. This can be something to think about if you know someone who might be thinking about probate. Having this information handy can help them decide if probate is something that is necessary in the situation.

If you are considering probate because of a death or wondering what you need to do prior to your death, then it is important to speak with a probate attorney who can provide more information on this. They can recommend the best course of action based on your specific situation. Call us here today to find out how our professional probate attorneys are able to provide the help you need and want. We are here to provide the help needed.

How Long Does Probate Take?

Each probate situation is different, so it is important to note that your length of time might be different from others who have the same. The average amount of time for probate to go through is around three and six months at a time. This is usually around the time that is necessary when there is a will.

The length of time might be a bit longer if you do not have a will or anything in place prior to the death. This can mean that it would take the attorney longer to sort through the paperwork and do the probate.

What Property is Going Through Probate?

When someone passes away, many of their accounts need to go through probate in order to be sent to the right places. Most of the property from the deceased person goes through this process. This can be everything from the home to the bank accounts that the person owned. If any of the financial assets have a beneficiary on them, then they do not have to go through probate in order to be sent to the individual who should receive them.

Filing for Probate on Your Own

While, this is not recommended, there is a lot of information going around about filing for probate on your own. This can be done, but the paperwork is extensive, and it can become quite confusing for someone who does not know what they need to do.

Those who do not want to deal with something like this, as it can be a large undertaking, then you want to reach out to a probate attorney who is able to provide the help needed. Our offices are always here to provide the necessary help you need, the filing of the paperwork, as well as a way to have all of your questions answered. We have you covered.

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