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Immigration Lawyers for Nurses in Tolleson, AZ

immigration for nurses

Are you a nurse with dreams of starting a new life in the United States? Your impressive qualifications and work experience open up opportunities for you. Tolleson, like the rest of the country is in need of skilled nurses and we have various visa programs tailored to meet this demand.

One of the most popular visas is the EB3 visa. If you’re looking for an expedited solution the HB-1 visa might be the best for you. Additionally if you’re a nurse from Canada or Mexico the special TN visa program offers a pathway for fulfilling your American dreams.

Regardless of what’s the best fit for you, at Diamondback Legal we fully understand how important your visa application is. Our team of experts will help you you choose the most suitable program for you and ensure that you meet all necessary criteria.

You can count on us to meticulously prepare your application and skillfully collect all the supporting documents. With the assistance of our experienced Immigration Attorneys for Nurses in Tolleson you can turn your dream of obtaining a visa and immigrating to the United States into an inspiring reality.

So what are you waiting for? Your future is waiting for you! Contact us today and let us help you pave the path for your success, in the United States and unlock the countless opportunities that lie ahead for you!

People also ask

Who is the nurse visa program designed to provide assistance for?

This program is ideal for nurses from outside of the U.S. with nursing degrees. Specifically, this program targets international nursing students in addition to practiced nurses from Mexico and Canada.

How is compensation determined for candidates in the program?

Compensation for nurses in this program is determined by the prevailing wage. This usually works out to between $30 and $50 per hour. In addition to direct income, the program covers other expenses like the cost of the NCLEX and immigration expenses.

What types of visas are available through the Nurse Recruitment Program in Tolleson?

There are three different types of visas that could be available to nurses in Tolleson. The most common of the three is the EB3 visa. However, this visa also takes the longest to process. The process is shorter for TN visas, which are available to experienced nurses from Canada or Mexico. Finally, H1-B visas take less time to complete and are available to nurses with advanced degrees.

Can physical therapists also apply for this program?

In addition to nurses, there is a similar program available to qualified physical therapists. In order to qualify, you must have a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Is visa sponsorship available for the candidates' dependents as well?

If you qualify for this program, you could serve as a visa sponsor for certain dependents. This includes your spouse as well as young children that are unmarried.

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